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Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Free" Dandelion Storage Table

(or Dandy-Lion)

I purchased this fixer upper on a local sales site for $2.50! Yes! That's right! $2.50!! Beat up, missing hardware and some loose joints, it was ready for a facelift! 

I was so excited to get started that I forgot to take a before picture. Here it is glued up, wrapped and ready for its re-appearance! 

After prepping and priming, the lid got a fresh coat of white paint, while the drawer front, top and sides were dressed in a medium gray. The inside of the storage area and the inside of the drawer got a coat of  sea glass light green.

Wanting to customize the "new" little guy, I downloaded a piece of clipart of a dandelion with the seeds blowing off into the air.  I transferred this design by tracing the design on the reverse with a pastel and then taping and transferring the design onto the lid.  I also traced some of the seeds onto the top of the stand.

The lid still needed a little something. The word "free" came to mind to convey the seeds drifting off into the air.  The font I chose is called Freestyle (I just now noticed the name...FREE).  I transferred this to the lower right side of the lid, using the same method as the dandelion.

All of the designs were handpainted in the same medium gray as the base. The seeds that flowed onto the top were painted in white.

Since the stand was missing some hardware, I picked some up off of ebay. (That search took hours, because I didn't want to have to fill and drill new holes.)  

Ready for the "after"?  

Here it is!

The top and lid got a couple of coats of poly and it was off to its new home!

I LOVE seeing pieces in their new homes!!