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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Big Break!

The Big Break

Wow! Time really Does fly! Where has the last year gone? I just realized that because of all the work we've been doing here at home, I haven't done any furniture updates. My focus has been on updating our out-of-date-but-beautiful home. We've updated every room; some major updates - such as the kitchen; some minor updates; but there's not a room that hasn't needed some repair and updating.

We're on the last leg!! I can't believe it. The light is in sight. The furniture in the garage is calling my name and soon I'll be able to start redirecting those creative juices back where they belong! Meanwhile, I HAVE been doing some smaller projects. Let me show you one.

I'm one of those people who love giving personalized gifts. Although some people love getting gift cards for department stores, I rarely cave and buy one. Only in certain circumstances. In my quest for a personalized gift for my daughter, I ran across an item that's called a wrap bracelet. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I had never seen one before. 

While brainstorming ideas, I thgouth of making her a "souvenier" of her favorite place on Earth - New York City. 

I actually stamped the coordinates for her favorite place (New York City) on the metal plate, which was easier than I thought. I knew I wanted some kind of bangle with NYC on it, when I ran across some vintage typewriter keys. Perfect!

In order to get the N, Y, and C, I had to purchase a LOT of typewriter keys. So now I have almost 40 keys left. What do you do with almost 40 spare typewriter keys? I mean, there's not a huge market...

More brainstorming...

I had all these weird keys, cabachon trays, earring hooks...


I pulled the back of the keys off, pulled out the faded paper letter, printed off a new letter, put it all together and VOILA! A pair of X and O earrings! 

Hugs and kisses!

Now, to the garage...I hear furniture calling my name!